[DWJ] Off topic: Recommendation for first Charles de Lint novel?

Emma Comerford emmaco at tpg.com.au
Tue Jul 11 17:15:04 EDT 2006

At 11:24 PM 11/07/2006, you wrote:
>My first Charles de Lint was _Jack the Giant Killer_, an early short novel.
>I was about 13 and it was just what I needed: a fact-paced urban fantasy with
>two strong, fun, and real female protagonists at a time when I was despairing
>about the lack of strong women in fantasy in general. It's a quick read, and
>fun, and written for a slightly younger audience than some of his others. You
>can see some of the seams in this one, but that's all part of the enjoyment as
>you can see he's working out how the "real" and "fantasy" worlds collide.
>(There's a sort-of-sequel called _Drink Down the Moon_ that you can find with
>_Jack_in a combined volume called _Jack of Kinrowan_.)
>BTW, if you ever get a chance to attend a Charles de Lint reading, I recommend
>it--one of the best author readings I've been to: full of music and story

I was lucky enough to go to one of his readings last year and you're right, 
it was great. Charles and his wife Mary Ann are really nice as well as 
talented musicians.

I'd start with Moonheart, Memory and Dream or Someplace to be flying.


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