[DWJ] Off topic: Recommendation for first Charles de Lint novel?

Dorian E. Gray israfel at eircom.net
Tue Jul 11 14:13:06 EDT 2006

Juliette asked...

> People on this list have often praised Charles de Lint's novel but I have 
> never been able to get into any of them myself. I suspect the fault is 
> with me, not him, and want to try again. Which is the best book to start 
> with?

The thing about Charles de Lint's work is, you have to be in the *exact* 
right mood or you just get bored (well, for me, anyway).  So it may be that 
you've never been in just the right mood.

"Moonheart" was my first of his, IIRC, and probably isn't a bad place to 
start.  I still love the house in it.  And "Memory and Dream" is probably my 

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