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LWilkinson at slv.vic.gov.au LWilkinson at slv.vic.gov.au
Fri Jul 7 00:06:27 EDT 2006

I'd love to put in the Tough Guide, but it's not really available here.

I haven't read Deep Secret for AGES, and think it is long overdue for a
re-read. It will probably end up on the list (actually, I might mention it
in the review of TMC, which will let me sneak in an extra one).

Fire and Hemlock is a definite, because it's my absolute favouritest book
in the world. I read it age 10, and loved it to bits. I think children
don't mind so much about the confusing ending. Lots of things are confusing
to kids, so they learn to just take it in their stride. Adults always need
to explain everything down to the last atom (after all, it's not an
elephant inside a boa constrictor - it's a hat).

(and I agree with Elizabeth's recc for The Book Thief. Awesome. Markus is a
brilliant writer and an all round good bloke. And he just became a dad for
the first time, which is even nicer. He will be the writer in residence on
our website early next year)

Right, back to the DWJ-thinking...

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