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Elizabeth Parks henx19 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 6 21:56:37 EDT 2006

> Eh, I've got a shelf full or YA books chock full of drugs, sex,
> rock n roll, and even a fair amount of cursing.  YA is not a
> sweet genre anymore.
> And on that note, I should recommend Frank Portman's _King Dork_.
> Freakin' awesome.
> -deborah
> -

here's another recc for you: Markus Zusak's _The Book Thief_, which is
marketed as YA in the USA  (though apparently adult in his native Australia)
is really quite good.

(and so is David Mitchell's _Black Swan Green_, which I think I've already

though I'm one of those crazy people who is reading these emails in
disbelief--Hexwood isnt' confusing!  but Fire and Hemlock is so confusing I
get confused just remembering it. . . maybe because I read F&H when I was
younger. . . though looking up Hexwood tells me that I was twelve when it
came out, so I can't have been that much older when I read it.


plus, just to be more wild and crazy, I vote for Lives of Christopher Chant
for your Chrestomanci novels.  It's by far my favorite.

lizzie, contrary

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