[DWJ] list for book

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Thu Jul 6 05:59:27 EDT 2006

Don't envy you the decision-making, Lili!

I agree with Fire and Hemlock (neither of my two found it too 
confusing at the very young end of teendom, though admittedly I read 
it to them), Howl's Moving Castle and Archer's Goon.

As others have said, Dogsbody seems much too young, as does A Tale of 
Time City.  Charmed Life too, though as Charlie pointed out, not 
having any Chrestomanci book would be odd.

Deep Secret would be brilliant (and was the top pick of favourites at 
the London meet!), and I also think Hexwood might be good.  Or - just 
to throw a completely different possibility out - what about Tough 
Guide?  If the teens are dipping in the fantasy section they're going 
to have enough exposure to the genre to get a lot of it, and 
non-fiction would obviously increase your range.  (But I wouldn't 
second the Dark Lord vote.  Admittedly based on a non-random sampling 
with a sample-size of one.)

Hope we get to hear the final choice.


>I'm currently writing the fantasy chapter of a "good books for teenagers"
>guide. It has reviews 20 recent books (of which one is The Merlin
>Conspiracy, as I thought it better than Conrad's Fate), and some
>mini-lists. And one of the mini-lists is "Other Books by Diana Wynne
>Jones". And I need to pick titles.
>So which 5 will give the best/broadest range?
>I'm thinking
>Fire and Hemlock
>Charmed Life
>Howl's Moving Castle
>Archer's Goon
>but I also want to put in
>The Homeward Bounders
>Black Maria
>A Tale of Time City
>!! Too many good books! So which five would YOU include??

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