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Emma Comerford emmaco at tpg.com.au
Thu Jul 6 04:36:47 EDT 2006

Given the wide variety of favourites/least favourites on this (mailing) 
list I can envisage you be inundated with lots of contradictory advice!

I'd be be tempted to replace Dogsbody with Homeward Bounders, because of 
what Charlie said about the teenager angst of Homeward Bounders and also 
because I just like it better :)

My friend and I adored F&H at around the age of 12, and even though we did 
read a lot I reckon it's still an OK book for teens. I think it and Deep 
Secret are the most similar (which might be why so many of us love these 
two - don't they keep topping the favourite list?) so I'd only have one of 

I like Charmed Life as the Chrestomanci one rather than Witch Week, CL 
seems more ageless to me plus once again I just like it better!

Good luck! Emma

At 04:46 PM 6/07/2006, Juliette Curtis wrote:
>Not Dogsbody. It's one of her very early books and her weakest, IMO. I 
>agree with your other four recommendations. For the fifth, I recommend 
>Deep Secret because the emotional upheavals and problems of some of the 
>characters (Rupert, Maree, Nick) will resonate strongly with teenagers, 
>both older and younger. Also, it shows DWJ's great strengths as a writer 
>and is some of the richest, most complex fantasy I have ever read.
>F&H is a superb book but consider whether the ending will put the readers 
>off. I loved the book but the ending utterly baffled me for several years 
>and I'm still not sure I understand it fully. Not a problem for older 
>teens but might be a tad sophisticated for younger teens.
>LWilkinson at slv.vic.gov.au wrote:
>>I'm currently writing the fantasy chapter of a "good books for teenagers"
>>guide. It has reviews 20 recent books (of which one is The Merlin
>>Conspiracy, as I thought it better than Conrad's Fate), and some
>>mini-lists. And one of the mini-lists is "Other Books by Diana Wynne
>>Jones". And I need to pick titles.
>>So which 5 will give the best/broadest range?
>>I'm thinking
>>Fire and Hemlock
>>Charmed Life
>>Howl's Moving Castle
>>Archer's Goon
>>but I also want to put in
>>The Homeward Bounders
>>Black Maria
>>A Tale of Time City
>>!! Too many good books! So which five would YOU include??
>>(with profound and confused thanks)
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