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Charles Butler charlescbutler at btinternet.com
Thu Jul 6 02:35:31 EDT 2006

Interesting question! I suppose the 'for teenagers' label, artificial as it is, could be one way of narrowing them down (though, equally, of adding others). Narrowing, in a way that maximises the broadness, of course!
  Fire and Hemlock - a shoo-in! DWJ's ultimate teenage book, surely.
  Homeward Bounders: not a teenage book in most ways, but dig that existential angst at the end! Go for it.
  Archer's Goon (not because it's really teenagery, but it just shows a certain set of DWJ strengths off to advantage in a way no other book does, and I can't bear to leave it out)
  *Black Maria* is a distinct possibility.
  On the other hand, *Dogsbody* and *Tale of Time City* don't really cry out, 'Teenager!', I think. I'd say the same about *Charmed Life*, but it does seem perverse not to include one Chrestomanci book. Have you considered *Witch Week* instead, though?
  Maybe you should also consider *Deep Secret*, since you're mentioning *The Merlin Conspiracy*? I know it was published as an adult book, but if it was a movie it would be getting a 15 certificate, not an 18, I'd say. If it weren't for the fact that so many fans seem to enjoy swooning over Howl, I'd suggest *Dark Lord* in preference to *HMC*, too.

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