[DWJ] Diana Wynne Jones or children's/YA fantasy for gulf coast libraries

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Wed Jul 5 18:45:30 EDT 2006

Emma wrote:

>Thanks for this Deborah - copies of Fire and Hemlock (not one in the
>system!) and Sabriel on their way. I'll give Sharon's details to other
>people who might want to give a book, too.

I forwarded Deborah's post to DWJ, and she said that she has got rather a
lot of copies of her own books, given the way that publishers dish them out
to her in boxfuls, so she plans to go through her basement and (after
ignoring the ones that are in translation, about which she is ruthless in
only keeping one copy of each edition just for the covers) see what she has
multiple spare copies of and how much it might cost her to ship them.
There is a limit to how many can be donated to local schools: they start to
look slightly alarmed when they are offered twenty copies of things for
their libraries, and they don't seem quite to fit as classwork texts, for
some silly reason.

So her *husband* wants to thank Deborah, because her passing on this
information may mean that there will be room to walk across the floor down
there, at least for a few weeks!


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