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Mon Jul 3 16:20:01 EDT 2006

In the fine tradtion of synchronicities, I had planned a trip to visit
my sister's in-laws in Huntingdon on the weekend.  Green Knowe is 10
minutes drive from Huntingdon, so I went to visit!

Well worth it.  Can recommend it highly to anyone who is in the UK who
has read the books.  I got to hold Tolly's ebony mouse!

The in-laws also really enjoyed it too, and they'd never read the books.
They'd actually lived in that village and had no idea about the
connection with the house. 


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> Kylie asked:
> > A few years ago on a mailing list or a news group I was on someone
> > mentioned that one of the Boston family gave tours of Green 
> Knowe.  Does
> > any one know if this is the case, and how to arrange it if so?
> The last couple of days have been filled with 
> synchronicities! This showed
> up on my friendslist in Livejournal around the time your 
> email arrived in
> my inbox, Kylie:

An account of a visit to Green Knowe, with links and lots of
to go ahead and book a tour...

Love, Ika

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