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This was a great idea deborah. Xanthe and I chose some Max and Ruby books.


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> Hello, everybody,
> As most of you probably know, a large number of libraries in the
> United States Gulf Coast were devastated by last year's hurricane
> season. As many of you probably also know, lots of e-mails went
> around saying "send whatever books you can!" which resulted in a
> deluge of books, some useful and many not, being sent to towns
> where the libraries were still big moldy piles of mush and the
> librarians had nowhere to put the kindly-meant donations.
> I've been looking for a while for homes for some of the books I
> review (not the galleys or the advanced reviewer copies, but the
> shelf-ready ones), and I finally found this one library system
> which was accepting certain books that they direly need. This
> library network has Amazon wish lists up, and while I was
> browsing, I noticed that one of the libraries had several Diana
> Wynne Jones books on its Amazon wish list. So I e-mailed the
> librarian in charge of the project:
>> I run an extremely active Diana Wynne Jones mailing list, and I
>> am sure that if I put out the call on that mailing list people
>> would respond, and they would particularly respond to requests
>> for children's fantasy books in general and for Diana Wynne
>> Jones books in particular. There are only a few Diana Wynne Jones
>> books on the wish lists, I saw, but if you think that more than
>> that would be useful I will ask on my mailing list. Some people,
>> I am sure, will be happy to buy whatever is on the wish lists,
>> but I think some people on that list would be more likely to
>> donate specifically those Diana Wynne Jones books. What do you
>> think?
> And she responded:
>> Yes, again, that would be wonderful!  There is only one sci-fi
>> fantasy reader in the system other than me, and she only knows
>> adult works, and has had to concentrate on other areas of her
>> collection.  Other librarians have not been ordering them in
>> years, simply because they aren't familiar with the genre.
>> That, in addition to the entire fiction and children's sections
>> of Gulfport and Pass Christian being destroyed leaves us with
>> very little on the shelves.  We'd like to try to keep it to
>> hardbacks or paperbacks in like-new condition, without spine
>> cracking.
> So there you go. If any of you have like-new condition DWJ or
> other children's/YA F&SF books that you need to find homes for,
> or if you feel like making directed donations to libraries that
> specifically don't have good collections in those areas, here is
> an opportunity to do it. Spread the DWJ love!
> Rather than just sending out of the blue, it's probably best if
> you e-mail the librarian directly with a list of what you have
> and would like to send and its condition. I suspect the same
> thing goes if you would just like to buy Amazon books to be
> shipped directly to them.
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