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Aimee Smith s4028253 at student.uq.edu.au
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Thanks for the advice, Robyn! A nice friend is sending me some on a  
loan. I first heard of Sigur Ros from this list, actually, then went  
to find the website, listened to the songs, and liked what I heard.  
Then I was too much of a spendthrift for a number of years to invest  
in a cd.

Jennifer: Oooh, Sabriel! I suppose that's a similar genre - dead  
things - but yes, it was different. She wasn't getting friendly with  
them. She was trying to send them to the seventh stage of death. I  
loved Sabriel! But I doubt I'd love zombie things in general (though  
most of Shawn of the Dead was hilarious). I say 'gross!' easily too.

I am glad everybody's read 'Tea With The Black Dragon' and loved it.  
Pity about the sequel, by the sounds of it.


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>> Most want to listen to:
>> Sigur Ros. What's the best of their cds, when I have money to buy it?
> My favourite is the one with no title. It's called ( ) according to
> iTunes. I have Takk as well, but much prefer the unnamed one. You can
> listen to a lot of their stuff online on their official website.
> Robyn
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> Aimee wrote:
>> 2. Author I read most of: Robin McKinley.
>>  Sunshine (which I thought well written and mostly enjoyable
>> but I don't quite get on with necrophilia. My first vampire novel,
>> and I suspect it spoils me for others, as it's probably the best.
>> Tell me if I'm wrong...).
> It's certainly one of the best vampire books *I*'ve read; but I  
> don't like horror much, so that isn't a big field. Dracula is a lot  
> of fun, especially if read after a bunch of other Gothics. I expect  
> there are good vampire novels in the horror genre, but I think  
> they're doing a different thing than Sunshine.
> In a similar way I much prefer Sabriel to the few other books  
> featuring zombies I've read, but I can't say I've done a fair  
> survey because I go "ick" too easily. (Although I might just be  
> saying that to lull you into a false sense of security so I can  
> lurch close enough to devour your brain. Mmmm, brains.)
> Jennifer

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