the curate's egg was [DWJ] Best Of.

Colin Fine colin at
Sun Jan 29 06:07:47 EST 2006

Otter Perry wrote:
> Oh, yeah.  I'm a native speaker.  The real problem here is that
> Minnow didn't get to me soon enough in life to make me a purist
> about this.
> Which reminds me ...
> You know the definition of a pedant, right?  Pedants make
> distinctions you do not think important.  [This is not, despite
> the accident of contiguity, a criticism of Minnow, who is one
> of my idols.]  Therefore, one is never oneself a pedant.
I am an anti-pedant.
Which, being translated, means that I enjoy playing the mind- and 
power-game called pedantry, but I don't usually inflict it on people 
until they have identified themselves as fair game.


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