[DWJ] deserved recognition

minnow at belfry.org.uk minnow at belfry.org.uk
Thu Jan 26 16:51:56 EST 2006

In <4aaddf200601261318i59314711k at mail.gmail.com>, Elizabeth Parks wrote:
>I'm very very sorry to be slow, but. .. could somebody translate all these
>initials?  and gongs!  what's up with the gongs?
>lizzie, american (and blaming it on that>

OBE, Order of the British Empire
CBE, Companion ditto
Gong: round metal thing you hit with a stick, otherwise known as a

The initials stand for honours presented by the Queen to deserving
traffic-wardens and to people who have saved lives at incredible risk to
themselves, and anything in between, if they happened to do it where
someone noticed them and wrote to Downing Street about it.

(Knighthoods are a bit more expensive, and to get a life peerage you
have to have been, ooh, the Prime Minister's "secretary" at the very
least.  Not that I am cynical about the Honours system, you


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