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On Jan 25, 2006, at 11:42 PM, Aimee Smith wrote:

> 3. Unexpected wonder: Tea With The Black Dragon, by R. A. MacAvoy. 
> Anyone else read this? I loaned it from Kathleen, who demanded it be 
> read. I would like to pass on the recommendation... Yay! I just found 
> out that there's others, including a sequel! (It occurs to me that 
> you've all probably heard of it, as it won and was up for many awards 
> in the 1980s). Zen and computers, corporate crime, kidnappings and 
> romance, exquisitely and neatly described, and all in a leeetle book.

I have just reread this, as it happens.  It _is_ wonderful.

I think my favorite MacAvoys -- certainly the ones I reread most 
frequently -- are _Lens of
the World_, _King of the Dead_, and _Belly of the Wolf_.  The ones I 
have never reread --
although I am starting now -- are the Damiano trilogy.  I plan to find 
out if I really don't
like them as much or if I've just been dense all this while, which is 


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