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My way of saying "thank you" to the the list: a best-of list. As I didn't
get to read many books last year (all work, no play :( and am also not
organized enough to even know which books I managed to sneak in  I can't do
a best of 2005 list. But with ten years of the DWJ-list, I thought I'd do a
"best of DWJ-list". 

My personal highlights of recommendations, discussions etc...

Author recommendation:
Lois McMaster Bujold - I am truly grateful for discovering her through the
list. I love her characters, her humour, the relationships she describes and
I enjoy Miles and Chalion books. Considerung Melissa's list I am happy that
"Hallowed Hunt" is among the few books I did read this year. :-)

Book recommendation:
Taltos by Steven Brust - this stands of course more or less for the whole
Taltos books, but isn't best series, because I also like the Khaavren
romances. (My convoluted way of saying Brust might just as well have won the
first category). Taltos was the first Brust book I read, on a long train
journey, and I was utterly capitvated. For that reason it's still special to
me, and objective or not, it's still one of my favorit books by him. I like
the different narrations that come together and the way they reflect on each

Series recommendations:
Sabriel - Lirael - Abhorsen by Garth Nix - could it be that my categories so
fare might fall all into one so far? Anyhow, I like the characters, the
world, the magic... My favorite book from this series is Sabriel, btw, but
that would be another discussion. And I do like the Library!

Most interesting book discussion not DWJ:
The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner - did the author "cheat" or not? Anything
more I say would contain spoilers, but I still remember the discussion about
first-person-narration and ways to surprise the reader by concealing (or
maybe cheating :-) some plot points... Very fascinating!

Food recommentation:
Tim Tams - I couldn't resist putting this in. And I couldn't resist slurping
coffe with Tim Tams, either.

TV and/or Movie:
Firefly - As I have rather challenging work hours at them moment (I *am*
whining a bit, am I not?) I would probably not have found enough energy to
go to the cinema and watch Serenity, had not Firefly been discussed and
recommended on the list. And, after watching Serenity I had to get Firefly,
of course... (Howl's Moving Castle was not in this category, as it doesn't
count as list recommendation :-)

Recommendation that didn't turn out so well for me:
The Blue Sword by Robin McKinley - Actually, there were only one or two
contestants in this category, and I'm only putting this in so that maybe
someone convinces me to try again. I liked the different setting, I liked
Harry, I liked the descriptions, but when the hero learned sword fighting in
a few weeks I was put off. In fact, I was annoyed. And didn't even finnish
the book. Seems a bit hard in retrospective. If I had more time, I might try

and, last but not least:

Favorite DWJ among those I read because of being on the list:
Hexwood - I read quite many DWJ books when I was younger, "rediscovered" her
later and am now (still) making my way through those I missed - still
"saving" some up. Hexwood I read because it was mentioned and discussed on
the list, and, well, I don't have to tell *you* it's an intricate and
fascinating book. We also had (loooong ago it seems...) some kind of "list
reading group Hexwood discussion", which was interesting - maybe we shoud
consider doing that again?

In a nutshell: this list is fabulous, I discovered so many new things
through it, and I enjoy reading it very much, because of you, the
thoughtful, friendly, clever, well-read and witty peoply on it! So thank you
all for contributing, and you, Deborah for taking good care of it. 


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