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I recommend ebay- although since I started selling books on ebay, I also 
started buying books from same, so your success will depend on how 
restrained you can be!

If you like, I'll send you the address of my ebay shop so you can see how I 
went about it.


Oh and happy new year, all! I am in the middle of a horrendous house move, 
so will be silent until the new internet connection materializes, but I'd 
just like to tell you all that on New Year's day I met up with Charlie in a 
pub in a little Welsh village. We talked about life universe and everything 
and it was great to have met him.

More anon.


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>        I've been selling (new) books for a long time, so I'll be glad to
> answer any questions as best I can.
>     Devra
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