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On 27/2/06 6:13 PM, "Gili Bar-Hillel" <gbhillel at netvision.net.il> wrote:

> We may still ask him, though it's not a particularly important point in the
> book. I'd rather wait and see if we have more critical questions and ask
> them all together. (Such as, when Sabriel "takes a cab" from school, would
> this be motorized or horse-drawn?)

Interesting question, Gili! Regarding the plait/pigtail thing, I am fairly
sure the original cover of the first edition of Sabriel had her wearing a
long plait down her back‹I can check when I get home. Also, I know Garth,
and he's a lovely man and I bet would be more than happy to answer such
questions. He's not remotely precious! As for the cab thing, I suspect it
would have been a motorcar‹one of the things that distinguishes the two
worlds in Sabriel, but I am more than willing to be challenged on that.


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