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I grew up in eastern Ontario, Canada - and "pigtails" to me are
shorter gatherings of hair, started above the ears but not yet on the
top of the head. I don't really associate them with "plaits" (or what
we called "braids") which started in the same place but were longer
and fell to the shoulders.

A "ponytail was a singular gathering of hair at the back of the head.
For a wonderful short book about ponytails, see "Stephanie's Ponytail"
by Canadian Robert Munsch.


On 2/26/06, J.E. Powers <jepowers70 at verizon.net> wrote:
> In my experience, (northwestern US) pigtails are shorter, smaller
> versions of ponytails and have nothing to do with braids.
> Sarah
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> I'm with Sarah, though I am in northeastern US.  However, some of the older folks in this area refer to pigtails as two braids.
> -Jill in Maine
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