Thanks all! (was: RE: [DWJ] offtopic dialect question)

Gili Bar-Hillel gbhillel at
Sun Feb 26 15:19:52 EST 2006

Re: pigtails.

Enough of your answers agree with my own intuition to satisfy me. I do know
there are some Americans who, like Sarah, use "pigtails" to mean bunches or
small ponytails (or whatever you call them). I wonder if this is particular
to northwest USA or more widespread. Just for the heck of it, you can see a
picture of *me* in pigtails at the following URL:
Ironically, at the time this picture was taken I was living in northwestern
USA (specifically, Eugene Oregon) and nobody ever called them pigtails -
just braids. Two years later I was very confused when the same hairstyle,
slightly longer, was called "plaits" in Cambridge England.

My own English is an odd hodgepodge, born of living briefly all over the
States but reading mostly British editions. Occasionally it's good to have
the unclouded input of native speakers. Thanks again.


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