[DWJ] Re: Cooper and humor

Charles Butler charlescbutler at btinternet.com
Thu Feb 23 02:51:24 EST 2006

Cooper isn't comic in the LOL way that DWJ sometimes is, for sure, and I tend to agree with Robyn that this is probably appropriate to the kind of book she's writing. But she is good at reproducing the kind of teasing banter that goes on within close families such as Will Stanton's. For example, I've always liked the part in *Silver on the Tree* (partly because it's got little apparent connection with the rest of the book) where Will, James and Stephen Stanton are sitting on the banks of the Thames, reading each other amusing passages from Gerard's Herbal. It's such an odd activity, in a way, peculiar in the way that real life is peculiar - and I like the fact that SC never explains how they came to be doing it.

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