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Juliette Curtis juliette at harvestroad.com
Wed Feb 22 20:33:29 EST 2006

It's not the only joke. There are a few in TDIR in the scenes of Will 
and his family, and I dimly remember some in OSUS. I agree that the 
drooling joke was lame and that jokes in general seem out of place in 
this series.

I read this series almost every year, usually in midwinter. They are 
most effective if you read them when you are alone in the house with all 
the lights off except for one lamp, with a  fire burning, and with a 
glass of good red in your hand. Atmosphere!


Robyn Starkey wrote:

>>>       Well, there is that place in 'Grey King' where Bran is 
>>> explaining how
>>> to pronounce Welsh, and What'hisname-the-youngest-Oldest says that 
>>> he expects
>>> that Welsh babies drool a lot, because the strange pronunciations 
>>> cause you
>>> to spray and...  Well, it was kind of funny.
>> That was the only example of humour in Cooper that I could think of, 
>> too.
>> OTOH, some of my Welsh-speaking friends found it rather offensive.
> I thought it was kind of lame, because it sticks out. I think one of 
> the things that makes Cooper's writing work is its gravitas. That 
> sense of seriousness seems to work to give the books a mythic feel - 
> every little event is so important. There isn't really room for 
> lightheartedness, which is fine because it is effective. Then she has 
> ONE joke; it's just peculiar.
> robyn
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