[DWJ] Re: Cooper and humor

Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Wed Feb 22 16:42:30 EST 2006

>>       Well, there is that place in 'Grey King' where Bran is explaining how
>>to pronounce Welsh, and What'hisname-the-youngest-Oldest says that he expects
>>that Welsh babies drool a lot, because the strange pronunciations cause you
>>to spray and...  Well, it was kind of funny.
>That was the only example of humour in Cooper that I could think of, too.
>OTOH, some of my Welsh-speaking friends found it rather offensive.
I thought it was kind of lame, because it sticks out. I think one of the 
things that makes Cooper's writing work is its gravitas. That sense of 
seriousness seems to work to give the books a mythic feel - every little 
event is so important. There isn't really room for lightheartedness, 
which is fine because it is effective. Then she has ONE joke; it's just 


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