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Ven vendersleighc at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 17 09:50:09 EST 2006

So, the week my computer goes kaput is the week
the list decides to get lively! Hallo everyone,
nice to see so many posters posting. I'm in the
library with an hour on the 'puter so I've just
speedread a week and a half's digests and  can't
do a proper reply with quotes and everything. So
here goes the stream of consciousness version:

Loved the Belgariad, first few times I read them.
Fell out with Eddings over those frightful
knights templar people who ISTR, were awfully
pleased with themselves having gotten safely away
in some citadel with All The People Who Counted
while the bad guys pillaged the city and all the
little city folk who didn't count at all. Oh and
he overuses the word "little" like nobody else --
little Queen, little thief, little cute persons
abound. I'm sure Samuel R Delany was making a sly
comment on that sort of thing when he had a
"little assassin" in Neveryona. reading Eddings
and the other "after Tolkien" school of authors I
always wanted to write something about the things
that are in Tolkien but don't make it into the
imitations but have never gotten round to it.

Susan Cooper I can't read these days -- it all
struck me as insufferably middle class and
priggish last time I tried.

Humour in Role Playing -- of course, and sitting
round the table eating biscuits, and cats sitting
on the lead figures.

1999 was a bit too much like 1998, 2000, 2001,
2002 and 2003 (ie years I was stuck in a rut).
Let's see, there was a nice holiday in the Lake
district with punks and small dogs. I had a
computer but couldn't work out how to get online
(blush, I was plugging the modem cable in wrong
among other things). I finally got online just
before Christmas and joined this list in April
ish of 2000 and got no mails for ages because it
was one of those times the list was down. Now,
that was when I knew it had been worth joining
this interweb thingy.

I hope to get a temporary puter real soon so I'll
try to catch up and answer more specifically.



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