[DWJ] Re: humor in fantasy

Emma Comerford emmaco at tpg.com.au
Thu Feb 16 17:39:11 EST 2006

At 09:01 PM 16/02/2006, Rowland, Jennifer A B wrote:

>I haven't got rid of the Eddings books I bought as a teenager. A bit of
>candyfloss rereading every couple of years is quite nice. As DWJ says,
>of the generic quest books, the Belgariad isn't bad, and after all, you
>need to have a grounding in the cliches of the genre to truly appreciate
>the Tough Guide... But I haven't bothered to read any of the new ones
>for some years.

Eddings was one of the first fantasy authors from the adult section of the 
library that I read. I adored his books from ages 12 to 16 or so and they 
lead me on to many other fantasy/science fiction authors. I haven't re-read 
them for years as they're so formulaic and a bit boring, but I haven't been 
able to bring myself to get rid of the books I had collected. Especially a 
couple of hardbacks that were dear to my heart as a 14 year old making 
money off babysitting :) When I look at them (very occasionally as they are 
in a box) I can remember the joy of discovering whole series of books that 
I had never suspected existed.


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