[DWJ] 1999 and DWJ's sense of humour

Jon Noble jon_p_noble at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 15 22:05:07 EST 2006

--- "Dorian E. Gray" <israfel at eircom.net> wrote:

> Sue said...
> > I am certainly not tarring all goths or
> role-players with the same brush 
> > here,
> > but based on this very small sample of
> goth-role-players (in Nova Scotia, 
> > in
> > 1999), I must say I was always a bit bored because
> everyone took the role
> > playing SO seriously. No one seemed to be having
> any silly fun at all, 
> > only
> > serious,
> fun.
> > Despite my wishes, no one approached the fantasy
> in a DWJ-like manner,
> > celebrating the genre while also having joyous fun
> with it.
> Oh dear.  I'm into roleplaying, and have been a
> goth, and such behaviour 
> would be mocked mercilessly by the other roleplayers
> and goths I know (in 
> Ireland and England).  I think you just got a weird
> bunch.  (There *are* 
> times in roleplaying when you don't want the mood
> spoiled by the intrusion 
> of mundanity, but they're reasonably easily
> spottable - if I'm standing in 
> the middle of the room crying "I renounce you!" at
> thin air, the odds are 
> good I don't want someone to ask me where the
> nearest bus stop is right this 
> minute!)

I am firmly of the opinion that role playing should be
taken seriously, and that anything that must be taken
seriously deserves to have fun made of it. Back in the
dim dark days of my role-playing (and we're talking
two decades and more before 1999 here) one of the most
fearsome monsters was the Snark (as in Lewis Carroll's
"The hunting of the.."). If you encountered one and it
was a Boojum you just softly and suddenly faded away,
no saving throw. Those familiar with the poem will
understand that this led players to invest in railway
companies (which often meant they had to invent the
steam engine first), always having soap on them and
making many terrible puns just in case.


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