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On Feb 15, 2006, at 2:16 PM, Jadwiga Zajaczkowa / Jenne Heise wrote:

> I know Tolkein is Mythic and so the bleakness and the
> character-faults-that-cause-ones-downfall are all supposed to be there;
> I just somehow can't tolerate the mythic bleakness. Tom Bombadill and
> the Ents were the passages I liked best anyway.

I have always liked the Ents best myself.  [I was _very_ annoyed
at the way they were handled in the movie.]  There are parts of
_The Two Towers_ that are definitely my most reread bits.

I have reread the whole trilogy several times, with greater or
lesser pleasure.  The most recent time I was particularly struck
by the absence of wild animals.  And there are very few birds
who do not have a role to play -- no birds going about
their avian business, just crows and ravens and eagles.
I was also struck by how much _landscape_ there is.  It's
easy to imagine that the author did a lot of walking, but was
not much interested in wildlife.

One of the times I remember reading the whole trilogy was
in 1973 on a long trip I took in Canada.  I was in the Northwest
Territories in August, either near Yellowknife or near Hay
River.  For various reasons to do mostly with the water
table and the wildfires, there are vast expanses of aspen
that are all [more or less] uniform in size.  When the leaves
turn, as they do in August, all the trees are silver with leaves
of gold.  I still think of Lothlorien when I think of that ....


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