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> Incidentally, while I don't doubt Juliette's memories of his books, I
> can't recall anything Ent-like anywhere in them; in fact, he doesn't
> go in for any non-human races that I can think of (unless you count
> gods).

Dryads. Ce'Nedra was a dryad, and she could talk to trees. It was entsy,
but without the touching, slow humour of the Ents.

Oh, and Polgara is (I think) ripped off Galadriel, in LOTR. But more mumsy.

As a teenager, I devoured Eddings like crazy. Loved it. Loved. It. Then, a
couple of years ago, I decided to re-read them all (I think it was a coping
strategy for a bad break-up. there was ice cream, also). And I absolutely
hated them. Actually, it was very much the same reaction I have just had to
the Narnia books.

I realised that the whole world of the Belgariad/Mallorean was really quite
right-wing and racist. It was so obvious to me that Riva was meant to be
the UK (small, cold island in the north-west of the world, is pretty much
the boss of all the other nations...) and then the other "good" countries
were various other western nations. Then there are those guys who live in
swamps and talk to snakes and are all eunuchs - not necessarily BAD guys,
but really, a bit NQR. So, Asia. (are they on our side? don't know. they
eat spicy food: can we REALLY trust them?)

And don't get me started on the very clear middle-eastern theme with all
the Murgos. All a little bit too white-supremacy for me.

Oh, and sure, there are women, and they are strong. But they still do all
the cooking (mostly stew) and cleaning, and whenever there is a battle they
go and hide behind a big rock until the Men have saved the day. Grr.


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