[DWJ] Re: "someone who loved DWJ but had never read anything else"

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Wed Feb 15 16:44:33 EST 2006

>>>  3) books to recommend to someone who loved DWJ but had never read
>>>  anything else
>>*Is* there anyone in that category? I think you'd have to have read at 
>>a little Dr. Seuss or something first ;-)

I had actually gotten into "books" through Howl's Moving Castle..after 
finding that Hayao Miyazaki's next anime was to be based on it :)

The only other thing I'd ever read was The Hobbit, as an ancient computer 
game based on it that I played came bundled with a copy.

Now Miss Jones is my favorite author and Howl the best, most cool character 
ever, tying-in with Chrestomanci of course ;)

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