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Jadwiga Zajaczkowa / Jenne Heise jenne at fiedlerfamily.net
Wed Feb 15 16:16:25 EST 2006

> I read the first Eddings series and thought it was a complete ripoff of 
> Tolkein. Some of the characters were different but the plot, landscape, 
> creatures and just about everything else were Tolkein. 

Hm... that's the way I felt about Terry Brooks, especially the Shannara 
series. I didn't get that reaction from the Belgariad even though it is 
self-defined basic quest fiction. 

What's interesting is that I can no longer force myself to re-read Lord 
of the Rings because Aragorn, Sam, and Frodo were the only characters I 
really liked to begin with. I used to re-read it, and I can sometimes 
still re-read the Hobbit (though it's better read aloud, actually). 

I know Tolkein is Mythic and so the bleakness and the 
character-faults-that-cause-ones-downfall are all supposed to be there; 
I just somehow can't tolerate the mythic bleakness. Tom Bombadill and 
the Ents were the passages I liked best anyway.

I found the Belgariad full of funny passages, and liked the way the 
female characters were 'large' in the story.  Definitely not great 
literature, but I found Polgara easier to identify with than the shadowy 
females of early heroic fantasy.

My question is, who in Tolkein is Polgara a rip-off of? Looking for that 
character would cheer me up immensely. Durnik, I guess, is Sam?

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