[DWJ] Survey? (Was: Re: King of Attolia)

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Wed Feb 15 08:20:57 EST 2006


>   I'd be interested! Especially as I'm too much of a newbie to have 
>been here first time round. I'm working in any case on creating the 
>first to-be-read pile large enough to be visible from outer space, 
>and I think this survey might just help me in my goal. But I got 
>lost somewhere along the line: what are you suggesting that we put 
>in the first section (i.e. before our favourite books/authors, and 
>the optional third bit)?

Sorry, that was confusing!  I meant to suggest separate sections for 
favourite authors and favourite books.  They don't have to be 
separate, but I think a lot of people have examples of books that are 
pretty special to them, without having much liked - or even having 
read - the author's other books.  It seemed to work that way the 
first time around anyway. Other suggestions entirely welcome, of 


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