[DWJ] 1999 and DWJ's sense of humour

Gili Bar-Hillel gbhillel at netvision.net.il
Wed Feb 15 03:05:35 EST 2006

1999 turns out to have been something of a pivotal year for me.
In 1999 I was working evening shifts at a newspaper as a translator. One of
the copyeditors set me up for a blind date with an old university friend of
hers, I was put on the spot and couldn't refuse. I married said blind date
in 2000 and we now have two children. In 1999 I was dreaming of becoming a
theatre director, and I applied to direct a play at the Acco Alternative
Theatre Festival. Said play was one of the worst failures of my life, and I
haven't done anything theatrical since then, nor set foot again in the city
of Acco (Acre). Hoping to make some extra cash, in 1999 I took on the
translation of a fun little book for children which had achieved some
success in Britain. The book was "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone",
to which I owe my current career. Yup, big year. Not necessarily good,
though not anywhere near as bad as 2004 (don't ask), but pivotal.

Not a good time to talk about favorite biscuits, I'm on a diet. ALL biscuits
are currently my favorite biscuits.

I may have been the one complaining about Susan Coopers' lack of humor. I
did read the whole dark is rising sequence, but more out of a sense of duty
than because I was actually enjoying it. "The Greenwitch" is the only one I
vaguely remember liking. And I'm sure I complained loudly about how much I
dislike the device of erasing everyone's memory at the end of the

This list has provided me with SO many good reading recommendations. This is
where I first heard of Garth Nix, Lois McMaster Bujold, Connie Willis, Robin
McKinley, Margaret Mahy and many many other authors. I try to keep track of
the recommendations and on my semi-annual visits to London I raid the
bookstores and bring home a big pile for the rest of the year.


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