[DWJ] Re: humor in fantasy

Juliette Curtis juliette at harvestroad.com
Tue Feb 14 20:47:22 EST 2006

I read the first Eddings series and thought it was a complete ripoff of 
Tolkein. Some of the characters were different but the plot, landscape, 
creatures and just about everything else were Tolkein. It even had Ents, 
for crying out loud, although with a different name.
It sent me into a fit of rage, indignation and boredom and I haven't 
bothered with him since. (I realise that some people enjoy Eddings work 
and my reaction is probably rather extreme....)
ObDWJ: DWJ once wrote that everybody seemed to reuse Tolkein's work 
without attracting protests. Nobody could acuse DWJ of borrowing from 
other authors. Her work is truly original -- and filled with many types 
of humour on many different levels.

>On the other
>hand, they're so full of stock characters ....

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