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In a message dated 2/14/2006 9:01:32 AM Pacific Standard Time, Hallie O' 
Donovan writes:

> I can't imagine 
> anyone who loves DWJ not saying that one of the things they loved 
> about her books was the humour, but maybe that's just my falling into 
> the trap of assuming that shared appreciation will necessarily imply 
> shared *reasons* for appreciation.

I saw someone recommend the Chronicles of Chrestomanci and Diane Duane's 
Young Wizards series on Usenet once, adding that "neither is humorous". On being 
pressed for details, she said "The Chrestomanci books aren't humor in the 
obvious way that the Rowling books are. Some of her books are absolutely hilarious, 
I'll  agree, and there are funny moments in the Chrestomanci books as well."

The assessment gave me pause, because I've never thought of HP as primarily 
humorous, though I can perfectly well see, now that I think about it, how you 
could approach the books that way.

Helen Schinske

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