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Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at imperial.ac.uk
Tue Feb 14 10:19:34 EST 2006

Hallie wrote:
> >> That is a weird coincidence!  (No, can't make it three - I've only 
> >> ever been in the audience, shouting 'Maybe yes, maybe no', 
> >> 'Get thee to a nunnery!' 

Otter wrote: 
> Well, that's interesting.  I didn't realize that business 
> with Richard III in _The Eyre Affair_ had a basis ...

I'm not sure that the RSC is exactly a basis, because the cast tell the
audience to shout all that stuff. It seems like in _The Eyre Affair_,
it's something that's grown up over the years without being originally
meant, like the Rocky Horror show- I don't think Richard O'Brien planned
to have people shouting at Janet, but it's a tradition now.
Of course in Fforde's universe Shakespeare might have written the plays
as panto. 

"Macbeth: I can't see any witches on this blasted heath! Are you sure
I'll hear a prophecy here?"
Audience: BEHIND YOU!
<Witches hide behind cauldron>
<Macbeth looks round stagily>
Macbeth: There isn't anybody here!
<Witches pop up again>
Audience: BEHIND YOU!"
All the killings would be fine, as long as there's a missing final scene
where Macbeth's head is fixed back on by the fairy godmother and
Banquo's ghost throws the audience sweetmeats.


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