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Tue Feb 14 09:46:52 EST 2006

On Feb 14, 2006, at 5:08 AM, Rowland, Jennifer A B wrote:

> That was the year I read my first Patrick O'Brien book- as part of a
> module on collection development, we had to read three books that we
> wouldn't normally pick up. I went for a Mills and Boon (I was surprised
> at how well crafted it was, which was snobbish of me, and could sort of
> see the appeal, but found it dull and had no wish to read any more), a
> Booker winner (Pat Barker's The Ghost Road- amazing, I read all her
> others as well) and a sea story, the O'Brien.

I was handed an O'Brien by my roommate at some point which was
probably in the late 80s, possibly the very early 90s.  Her father had
asked for several for Christmas and, as it was not at all her sort of
book and she considered it more my sort of book, she asked me to
read it and tell her if it was any good.

I don't know how many her dad ended up with, but I have every
Aubrey/Maturin O'Brien wrote.  People should be more careful
about what they ask their roommates to read ....


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