[DWJ] Other Authors - and 1999

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Tue Feb 14 08:56:24 EST 2006

>"Cut the crap, Hamlet, my biological clock is ticking and I want babies
>(My brain is filled with that sort of thing to the exclusion of all
>useful information, yes, why do you ask?)
>In case you have too much money and not enough books, you can buy the
>scripts. There's a  region 0 DVD of the Shakespeare show, too. Ooh, I
>see they've done a DVD of America now. Tempting.
>(http://www.dvdplayground.co.uk/ or http://dvdplayground.com/index.asp,
>for USAnians).

Thank you!  Now I won't *have to* get out the DVD of the Shakespeare 
show to check. ;)  Though I might well for the fun of it.  And will 
definitely look into the other RSC temptations.

>Sorry, most off-topic; although DWJ's sense of humour is one of my
>favourite things about her books- along with all my other favourite
>things about them, of course. (Are there people who like comic SFF and
>not the straight stuff, or are, say, Pratchett fans mostly a subset of
>fantasy fans?)

Well, I agee it's not off-topic, because not only is the sense of 
humour a shared theme, but it's the same kind of wildly intelligent 
humour, isn't it?  Although the brilliant physical comedy of the RSC 
is hard to find immediately paralleled in DWJ.

But oddly enough, this was one of the very points which eventually 
lead to the 1999 survey, as someone complained of being unable to 
finish _The Dark is Rising_ sequence because it was so humorless, 
unlike DWJ.  So it would seem that that would be one person, at 
least, who generally wouldn't like the 'straight stuff', though 
whether her other tastes ran to comic in fantasy and non-fantasy, or 
only fantasy which wasn't high fantasy or whatever I've no idea.  And 
of course there are lots of DWJ fans who are also Susan Cooper fans - 
or rather - Susan Cooper-disregarding-the-Boggart-books fans.

Taste overlap seems still as fascinating as ever.  I can't imagine 
anyone who loves DWJ not saying that one of the things they loved 
about her books was the humour, but maybe that's just my falling into 
the trap of assuming that shared appreciation will necessarily imply 
shared *reasons* for appreciation.  And obviously everyone will 
prioritize different things about the books differently.  If capable 
of choosing!  'All my other favourite things' is just it.


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