[DWJ] Other Authors - and 1999

Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at imperial.ac.uk
Tue Feb 14 08:27:37 EST 2006

> >>  [1] In the Reduced Shakespeare Company, where they drag 
> >> an audience member up on stage to be Ophelia.
> >
> >I did that, too! (Or was made to do it :-)

Hallie wrote:
> That is a weird coincidence!  (No, can't make it three - I've 
> only ever been in the audience, shouting 'Maybe yes, maybe 
> no', 'Get thee to a nunnery!' or - whatever the third is - 
> 'My biological clock is  ticking and I want a baby now!'?)  
>  What a wonderful show that is.

"Cut the crap, Hamlet, my biological clock is ticking and I want babies
(My brain is filled with that sort of thing to the exclusion of all
useful information, yes, why do you ask?)
In case you have too much money and not enough books, you can buy the
scripts. There's a  region 0 DVD of the Shakespeare show, too. Ooh, I
see they've done a DVD of America now. Tempting.
(http://www.dvdplayground.co.uk/ or http://dvdplayground.com/index.asp,
for USAnians).

I can't get to any of the dates on the current tour of "Completely
Hollywood"; woe. (I can get, and indeed have been, to the current tour
of the Mighty Boosh; great glee, and squealing at spangly catsuits and
yeti ballets. My series 2 DVD was supposed to be delivered today and
hasn't been, grump grump.)

Sorry, most off-topic; although DWJ's sense of humour is one of my
favourite things about her books- along with all my other favourite
things about them, of course. (Are there people who like comic SFF and
not the straight stuff, or are, say, Pratchett fans mostly a subset of
fantasy fans?)

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