[DWJ] Other Authors - and 1999

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Tue Feb 14 07:58:16 EST 2006

>  >
>>  In 1999 I was enjoying being a student again after the horrors of a real
>>  job, at least until the horrors of doing the dissertation kicked in...
>>  living in Sheffield, in love... Played Ophelia at the Crucible[1]... a
>>  nice year, on the whole.
>>  [1] In the Reduced Shakespeare Company, where they drag an audience
>>  member up on stage to be Ophelia.
>I did that, too! (Or was made to do it :-)

That is a weird coincidence!  (No, can't make it three - I've only 
ever been in the audience, shouting 'Maybe yes, maybe no', 'Get thee 
to a nunnery!' or - whatever the third is - 'My biological clock is 
ticking and I want a baby now!'?)   What a wonderful show that is.


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