[DWJ] Survey? (Was: Re: king of attolia)

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Tue Feb 14 07:54:27 EST 2006


>I can't remember when I joined the list - I think I lurked a lot in 
>99 (I was a shy young thing back then) but only started posting in 
>2000 (?). I am too slack to volunteer to run a list wide survey but 
>will happily participate :)

Too busy, more like!  I'd be happy to collect info, if people are 
interested.  I was thinking that it could be much easier on the 
indecisive (in which category I put myself) than the 'Choose your 
five favourite books of all time', which are horrendously difficult. 
Something like other favourite authors/books, in any number 
(preferably not into three digits), and then a third section, 
entirely optional, just to float names of books, series or authors to 
see other DWJ folks' opinions on them.


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