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> In 1999 I was enjoying being a student again after the horrors of a real
> job, at least until the horrors of doing the dissertation kicked in...
> living in Sheffield, in love... Played Ophelia at the Crucible[1]... a
> nice year, on the whole. 

> [1] In the Reduced Shakespeare Company, where they drag an audience
> member up on stage to be Ophelia.

I did that, too! (Or was made to do it :-)

Not in 1999, though. 

In that year I finished my studies at University and started my
dissertation, moved into my the first flat were I lived alone (before I
lived with collegues from uni). As far as I remember a nice year for me,
too. My whole "dissertation-time" was good... I think I joined the list
early in 2000, but I'm not sure.

Favorite biscuits? Well, generally I prefer my chocolate without
distractions ;-) The ones I like are mostly with a lot of chocolate (you may
notice a pattern here), chocolate cookies or biscuits covered in dark
chocolate. We also do some very nice Christmas biscuits, no chocolate, just
nice and tender butter biscuits.


who has (so far) neither read Seuss, nor LeGuin, nor Lewis... But I did read
Tolkien. Makes me wonder if the first three were translated when I was a
kid. I remember reading Cooper, Nesbit and Aiken back then.

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