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Mon Feb 13 18:18:12 EST 2006

On Tue, 14 Feb 2006, Judith Ridge wrote:
|> My understanding is that Girl Scout cookies are made by two
|> competing companies, and one of them has a trademark on the Samoa
|> name, and so some years ago, those of us in several regions had
|> our Samoas suddenly change our names.  In fact, a rumor started
|> that it was a decision that "Samoa" is a racist name.  But we all
|> still call them Samoas.
|Samoa is a country in the South Pacific=8Bhow might naming a biscuit after=
|be racist? What is the biscuit like?

Covered in stripes of caramel and chocolate.  I think it was just
one of those urban legends that gets everywhere.  Because if
anything, I'd think the stripey brown and gold would be
*anti-*racist.  But then, I live in the small region of the US in
which the commonly known name for chocolate sprinkles (hundreds
and thousands) is "jimmies", and people assume the name is racist
in origin, but it isn't.  So there you go. Evil chocolate, bad,
racist. =20

More for me.

-deborah (whose randomly chosen signature for this email was
randomly selected from the file, I swear)
=09-- Rosa Parks

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