[DWJ] king of attolia

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Sun Feb 12 19:21:54 EST 2006


>I love King of Attolia, too, though there are some places where
>I've decided bits were result of MWT's incredible cleverness that
>may have just been slightly sloppy writing; I haven't decided
>yet.  But I adore her mechanism for continuing her standard
>writing style now that her readers have sworn up and down that we
>will never fall for your shenanigans again, missy, so just watch
>In order to make poor sick Hallie feel better I will state that
>despite experiementation, I can't bring myself to care about any
>girl scout cookies except for Thin Mints and
>Samoas-I-mean-Caramel-Delites.  But that was a very
>American-centric food post, so bad me.

Oh no, it was much appreciated!  Couldn't get to sleep for the 
feverish tossing, and turned my computer back on to find this 
waiting.  :)  Thin mints sound wonderfully cooling...

I offer in return Dove's Farm Digestive biscuits - lovely for 
dunking.  (In tea.  Of course!)


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