[DWJ] Other Authors - and 1999

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Sun Feb 12 19:15:13 EST 2006


>   >And the Other Author survey that Nat collated
>- anyone else remember that? We need something like that again! Not
>that I've any wish otherwise to go back to 1999 - brrr.
>   It's just occurred to me that I can't remember anything that 
>happened in 1999. Did that year actually happen? Hang on - oh yes, 
>dim memories are filtering through of arguments about when exactly 
>the millenium was going to end, the Dome, the bug, etc. Surely there 
>must have been more to it, though, than just anticipating the year 

Oh Charlie, Charlie - you have *two* sets of children (the 
flesh-and-blood and the print ones) by which to remember years past - 
how could you possibly be at a loss like this?  Anyway, the point was 
that the list started in 1999, despite Emma's previously mentioned 
time-slippery in having posted in 1980.  (At least, I think that's 
when it started?  I joined then, though not right at the beginning, 
and also had a computer crash, so can't check my kept posts.)

>   But I'm intrigued: what is the Other Author survey? Which Other 
>Authors? Who surveyed them? And to what end?

With a view to building a millennium bridge, of course!  We just 
never could decide what bit of water to span though.

All right, actually this arose from a discussion about Susan Cooper 
(among others - it was complicated!), in which Melissa made the point 
that we'd see on the list only the subsets of Diana Wynne Jones 
lovers who also liked Susan Cooper and those who disliked her 
(ignoring those with no exposure to her or no opinion), but not the 
SC fans who didn't also like DWJ.  And Melissa made a few shrewd nods 
in the direction of guesses about why primary SC fans might not like 
DWJ and put all this *very* much better than I'm doing.  [flashes ill 
pity-card again]

Anyway (better than sleeping pills any day), I suggested that we try 
to do a - I guess it was as much a meme as a survey, though I didn't 
know the term then, in which we all threw a bunch of names of other 
authors we also loved, disliked, whatever into the pool, and then 
discussed the overlaps and lacks thereof.  Nat bravely volunteered to 
collate, and asked for 10-20 each, of: 1) favourite authors; 2) books 
which were deeply affecting (or, as he said 'books that changed me' 
and 3) books to recommend to someone who loved DWJ but had never read 
anything else.  Funny, I just checked this, as I would have sworn 
there was a category for 'you'd have to be out of your tiny mind to 
like this one', but it must just have been my argumentative nature. 
We sent them off-list to him, he posted the results to the list.

Much discussion - and several great recommendations - ensued!


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