[DWJ] king of attolia

deborah.dwj at suberic.net deborah.dwj at suberic.net
Sun Feb 12 18:44:25 EST 2006

I love King of Attolia, too, though there are some places where
I've decided bits were result of MWT's incredible cleverness that
may have just been slightly sloppy writing; I haven't decided
yet.  But I adore her mechanism for continuing her standard
writing style now that her readers have sworn up and down that we
will never fall for your shenanigans again, missy, so just watch

In order to make poor sick Hallie feel better I will state that
despite experiementation, I can't bring myself to care about any
girl scout cookies except for Thin Mints and
Samoas-I-mean-Caramel-Delites.  But that was a very
American-centric food post, so bad me.

I need to bond with you.  It's part of my therapy.

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