[DWJ] Other Authors - and 1999

Charles Butler charlescbutler at btinternet.com
Sun Feb 12 18:28:32 EST 2006

  >And the Other Author survey that Nat collated 
- anyone else remember that? We need something like that again! Not 
that I've any wish otherwise to go back to 1999 - brrr.
  It's just occurred to me that I can't remember anything that happened in 1999. Did that year actually happen? Hang on - oh yes, dim memories are filtering through of arguments about when exactly the millenium was going to end, the Dome, the bug, etc. Surely there must have been more to it, though, than just anticipating the year 2000.
  But I'm intrigued: what is the Other Author survey? Which Other Authors? Who surveyed them? And to what end?

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