[DWJ] king of attolia

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Sun Feb 12 14:26:03 EST 2006

>Has anyone read King of Attolia yet?  I loved it!

Yep, and me too.  But I'll have to reread it, properly this time, in 
order to *think* very clearly about it.  I seem destined (nice excuse 
for lack of self-discipline there - 'But it was Intended!') to read 
all these books in a skimming kind of breathless rush.  Yes, the 
books themselves invite that, but then so also did _Passage_ I think, 
and I read that straight through, but slowly and with attention, and 
not skipping a word.   I think there might have been an attempt to 
ponder a question about MWT's writing there, but if I had a point 
it's eluded me now.

Been in bed (w. fever - which has clearly affected my brain, so 
please forgive incoherence) for the last few days, and currently 
rereading _The Dark is Rising_ sequence, so I had a look back at the 
archives to check out some of our discussions about it - and am now 
feeling quite nostalgic for the days when we had rounds of intros 
every time someone new piped up, which was often, and list traffic of 
30 or 40 posts a day, and could count on Melissa regularly blaming us 
- or rather, a hot and interesting discussion - for having to feed 
her family grilled/toasted cheese sandwiches for dinner.  And knowing 
a lot of people's food preferences/dislikes in general!   (And of 
course it all related to Gran and tea and Polly and fishing it out, 
and similar triggers.)  And the Other Author survey that Nat collated 
- anyone else remember that?  We need something like that again!  Not 
that I've any wish otherwise to go back to 1999 - brrr.


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