[DWJ] Best Books of 2006 (complete with silly categories, and much longer than it should be )

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Sat Dec 30 09:15:03 EST 2006


>>Every time I think
>>I've gone for the latter, I remember something like the perfect
>>lightness-of-touch which which JM snuck in the self-harming in
>>Finding Cassie Crazy, and I hesitate again.
>Hee! I remember recommending *Finding Cassie Crazy* on this list a
>while back as the best extant YA book about self-harm, even though
>it's not actually about self-harm... For me, JM wins hands-down over
>the Casson family books (I agree too much with DWJ's review of
>*Permanent Rose* to be completely in love with them, though I also
>agree with you about the prose - McKay's a stunning stylist), but
>you're right that Bindy isn't up there with the first two. Which is
>such a shame - I was so excited when I heard Bindy was getting the
>third book!

1)  Oops to my typo!
2) Yes, I remember your recommendation too, though I didn't really 
take it on board at the time because I never saw the book anywhere 
(wasn't published outside Australia then, I'm guessing).  But it was 
lovely to look back and see the first rec right here on the list - at 
such an interesting slant as well!
3) I'd be fascinated to hear how you agree with DWJ's review of PR, 
if you feel like expounding.  I disagreed with almost everything in 
it, and would have wondered if DWJ had even read the same book, had I 
come across that review without knowing DWJ's own history.

>And I'll look out for *The Boyfriend List* (fluffy title + trauma
>sounds like my cup of tea!)

And fun footnotes for flavour as well!  :)  (I could bring it to 
Bristol next time I come and maybe even give it to you in person, if 
you'd like.)

Umm, tea....


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