[DWJ] DWJ fanfic, for those interested

Ika Willis blake at gaudaprime.co.uk
Sat Dec 30 07:28:42 EST 2006

Deborah wrote:

> I tend to think all DWJ characters are asexual, anyway -- even
> the ones who aren't in canon (Rubert, Maree, Vierran, Howl, etc,
> or the various voracious wicked older women types).  For some
> reason they all read to me as asexual in a way that many
> children's and young adult characters do not.

I may have said this before here, but one of the things that I love
about DWJ is how *sensible* all her het is - there's no sense that Sex
is a Darque Power that makes people unrecognizable and stupid (with
some exceptions - Julian Addiman, 'Why aren't all girls locked up the
year they turn fifteen?' [Fiona in *F&H*]), and most of her het
relationships come out of friendship. So I don't think of her
characters as asexual, exactly, but I do think that sex is
valued/presented in the DWJverses in quite a different way from a lot
of other fiction. I write slash, so I'm perhaps extra-aware of the way
in which Teh Sex can be used as a plot device to make people do stupid
and/or out-of-character things when you want to up the angst quotient
without putting the work in - in DWJ, sex isn't separated out, it's
just embedded in all the other stuff that goes on. (This also makes
her an awesomely slashy writer, paradoxically, especially since I get
the feeling that all the angst and passionate crushes and romantic
illusions that don't show up in the het relationships come crashing
through into the m/m ones. OTOH, I don't know if I'd ever want to read
sexually explicit slash about DWJ characters: as a friend of mine once
put it, I think I'd rather stay on the staircase with Cat Chant, not
quite daring to imagine what's under Chrestomanci's latest

Love, Ika

PS: Isn't Tacroy *both* gay and asexual? I mean, it's all about the
campness and the costumes; there's not much of a sense that he's up
for the man-on-man action. Though that might just be me. (Shine, on
the other hand... though that might just be the leather!)

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