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On Fri, 29 Dec 2006, Katarina Hj=E4rpe wrote:
|I've never thought of DWJ's chars as particularly asexual (certainly not H=
|And Torquil is gayer than a gay gay thing), so I'm not sure my counter-exa=
|would count, but still... Hm...

See, that's the odd thing.  I *do* think Torquil is gayer than a
gay gay thing -- and I think Mara and Derk are mad for each
other, and the list goes on -- they just don't ring any *erotic*
vibes for me.  Unlike, say, Aerin and Luthe, or Alanna of Trebond
and George Coopere.  Or, for actual young adult character
examples, Sorry Carlisle and Laura, or Nita Callahan and Ronan. =20

|Surely Lovis and Matt are having mad hawt sex?

Well, what else is there to do in Matt's Fort all winter?

|Orddu, Orwen and
|ohmygod I may have to scrub my brain with bleach before I finish that thou=

Write it!  Write it!  I dare you!

The main character is a misogynistic, hermaphroditic,
heavy-drinking, ultra-cynical aardvark. It's an acquired taste.
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