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On Fri, 29 Dec 2006, Katarina Hj=E4rpe wrote:
|I'm not complaining, mind, because I love myself some slash, but there's
|Christopher/Conrad there too. Very mild, sweet and lovely Christopher/Conr=
|that shouldn't harm anyone but complete canon purists, but it's there.

Hee! I forgot about that story when I was glancing through the
headers.  As Ika says, though, it also preserves a loving
relationship between Millie and Christopher, which I think is why
I forgot.

I tend to think all DWJ characters are asexual, anyway -- even
the ones who aren't in canon (Rubert, Maree, Vierran, Howl, etc,
or the various voracious wicked older women types).  For some
reason they all read to me as asexual in a way that many
children's and young adult characters do not. =20

Er.  I was going to name counter examples, but all of the ones I
thought of (Robin McKinley, Diane Duane, Margaret Mahy, etc) have
very explicit in-book sexuality.  Let's see who else *doesn't*.
Joan Aiken, and I see her characters as pretty sexless.

Note that "asexual" doesn't mean I don't have massive crushes on
them.  Dido Twite is right up there with the slew of DWJ
characters I crush on.

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